Strategic Priorities



 Goal 1 – Greater access to community controlled comprehensive primary health care services


  1. Promote the Aboriginal community controlled health sector’s model of comprehensive primary health care
  2. Play leadership role in the ongoing reform of Aboriginal primary health care, working through the NTAHF and other forums
  3. Support emerging auspiced community controlled government services and communities that want to transition to community control
  4. Develop and contribute to system wide clinical and public health initiatives, business systems and continuous quality improvement.


 Goal 2 – Strong and supported AMSANT members


  1. Plan, coordinate and deliver support services that meet the needs of members and prioritise those most in need
  2. Provide leadership and support to members to strengthen financial management, business management, and governance systems
  3. Support members to improve and maintain information systems
  4. Support members to implement national initiatives
  5. Improve reporting and documentation of member support activities
  6. Share ideas, resources and data across the sector to promote best practice and innovation.

amsant-icons-04Goal 3 – Skilled and sustainable workforce


  1. Develop and contribute to planned workforce development strategies in collaboration with key stakeholders
  2. Promote initiatives that increase the recruitment, retention and training of Aboriginal people and support career pathways
  3. Strengthen leadership in Aboriginal health, including through identifying and supporting emerging leaders.


Goal 4 – Effective relationships and cooperation


  1. Proactively engage with government on policy and program priorities
  2. Strengthen cooperative partnerships with key stakeholders, contributing expertise and advice on Aboriginal health care
  3. Build AMSANT profile, reputation and brand, drawing on 40 years demonstrated success in Aboriginal community controlled health care
  4. Implement marketing, communications and media relations strategies to support engagement with key stakeholders and advance AMSANT’s objectives.


Goal 5 – Health care will be informed by research and data and fosters innovation


  1. Build an evidence base of what works in Aboriginal health, underpinned by quality research and data
  2. Use research and data to demonstrate value and effectiveness of the sector and advocate for change
  3. Form strong research partnerships and collaborations to maximise value
  4. Support member organisations to make better use of data to improve service planning and delivery.


Goal 6 – Strong, sustainable and accountable organisation


  1. Enhance AMSANT corporate governance to better manage risk and deliver on the organisation’s objectives
  2. Increase sustainability through effective financial management and strategies to grow and diversify funding
  3. Support and develop AMSANT’s workforce through effective HR management practices
  4. Align and improve business structures, processes and systems
  5. Ensure effective strategic and operational planning and reporting mechanisms are in place to manage change, growth and development