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Secretariat Team


The APO NT Secretariat
The APO NT Secretariat are employed specifically to manage the day to day operations for APO NT.

The current APO NT Secretariat are listed below:

Ms Brionee Noonan
APO NT Coordinator
Ph: 08 89446672 | Email: researchofficer.apont@amsant.org.au

Ms Theresa Roe
APO NT Network Coordinator
Ph: 08 89446624 | Email: projectofficer.apont@amsant.org.au

Ms Louise Weber
Housing  Policy officer
Ph: 08 89446676 | Email: louise.weber@amsant.org.au

Ms Aimon Riyana 
Administration Officer
Ph: 08 89446628 | Email: adminofficer.apont@amsant.org.au