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Secretariat Team


The APO NT Secretariat are employed specifically to manage the day to day operations for APO NT.

The current APO NT Secretariat are:

Ms Brionee Noonan
APO NT Coordinator
Ph: 08 89446672 | Email: researchofficer.apont@amsant.org.au

Ms Theresa Roe
APO NT Network Coordinator
Ph: 08 89446624 | Email: projectofficer.apont@amsant.org.au

Ms Louise Weber
Housing  Policy officer
Ph: 08 89446676 | Email: louise.weber@amsant.org.au

Ms Aimon Riyana 
Administration Officer
Ph: 08 89446628 | Email: adminofficer.apont@amsant.org.au