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The Governing Committee


APO NT is not incorporated, but operates as an alliance. Still, strong and effective governance is key to its success. APO NT’s governance and organisational structure was developed to complement those of the member organisations. An important element to the success of the alliance is that it does not, in, and of itself, seek to be a separate player independent of the organisations that established it.

The Governing Committee comprises the CEO’s of the member organisations. The Committee provides direction and makes decisions, regarding the alliance’s work, in consultation with their respective Boards and Executives. The Governing Committee meets on a needs basis through the year, but are regularly engaged with APO NT’s work.

The current CEO’s of APO NT are:

Mr David Ross – Director
Central Land Council

Ms Priscilla Collins – Chief Executive Officer
North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

Mr John Paterson – Chief Executive Officer
Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory

Ms Eileen Van Iersel – Chief Executive Officer
Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service

Mr Joe Morrison – Chief Executive Officer
Northern Land Council


APO NT CEOs [L-R] Joe Morrison, Priscilla Collins, Eileen Van Iersel, David Ross, John Paterson