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Aboriginal Governance & Management Program (AGMP)

Strong and effective Aboriginal organisations are essential to reduce Aboriginal disadvantage.

  • They are vital to deliver accessible, responsive services in Aboriginal communities, particularly remote communities.
  • They are an important source of employment and training for Aboriginal people.
  • They promote community leadership and provide positive role models.
  • They bind the social fabric of remote Aboriginal communities, both through the practical contribution they make in providing services and symbolically through the pride they instill.

Development experts have long recognised the importance of strong Aboriginal organisations in tackling Aboriginal disadvantage and disempowerment. Aboriginal people themselves understand this from decades of direct experience.

In 2013, APO NT initiated the NT Aboriginal Governance and Management Program (AGMP) to build the strength and effectiveness of NT Aboriginal organisations and support good governance in Aboriginal communities. APO NT acknowledges and welcomes the Commonwealth Government funding that has made the initial three years of the program possible.

AGMP Current update:

In March 2017 AGMP host the forum titled ‘Innovating to Succeed’ , held in Alice Springs on the 3rd March, and opened by the Honourable Northern Territory Chief Minister, Michael Gunner MLA. The AGMP facilitated an NT-wide forum for senior managers and board members of NT Aboriginal organisations, bringing them together to network and share stories to strengthen and build their capacity in management and governance. It had a Central Australia-focus and showcased a diverse cross section of industries, with three major offerings to delegates. 84 participants from across the Northern Territory attended on the day. This included 16 board members and 35 senior managers from diverse fields such as health, the arts, women’s centres, justice and mediation, community development and outstation resource centres, among others. The Forum report is available here.

The AGMP staff are:

Mr Wes Miller
Program Manager
Email: wes.miller@agmp.org.au

Ms Kate Muir 
Senior Project Officer
Email: kate.muir@agmp.org.au

Ms Aimon Riyana 
Project Support Officer
Email: info@agmp.org.au

For more information visit the AGMP Website:      http://aboriginalgovernance.org.au/