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APO NT Forums/ Summits

The need for APO NT Forums/ Summits

There is a clear need for Aboriginal peoples in the Northern Territory (NT) to get together to consider their own future and goals in the context of the unprecedented changes of the last few years. The purpose of the proposal would be to provide Aboriginal peoples in the NT with forums to meet and discuss priority issues, potential solutions to current problems, governance and leadership. The proposal would then allow Aboriginal peoples in the NT the opportunity to put issues, solutions and governance approaches to Government. The Government could then use the outcomes of the forums to inform their approach to leadership and governance in the NT.

Principles of APO NT Community Forums

Any consultation run by APO NT would need to be independent in order to effectively engage with Aboriginal peoples in the NT. The approach of Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the NT (APO NT) to issues of Aboriginal governance and leadership at the forum would be based on the following principles:

  • Building Aboriginal organisational capacity is equally as important as building individual leadership skills;
  • Aboriginal leaders and organisations should be provided with opportunities to meet, independent of government;
  • Aboriginal governance is not about compliance, rather it is fundamentally about control;
  • In order to have meaningful leadership development, there need to be leadership opportunities available for Aboriginal peoples in the NT.