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Governance Summit 18th – 19th April 2013


Strong Indigenous Governance: Our Decisions, Our Actions, Our Future

“Governance is not just a matter of effective service delivery, or organisational compliance or management. It is about the self-determining ability authority of clans, nations and communities, to govern: to decide what you want for your future, to implement your own initiatives, and take responsibility for your decisions and actions” – David Ross (CLC Director)

The Strong Aboriginal Governance Summit was held at the Tennant Creek Showground on 18-19 April 2013. The summit attracted an estimated 300 delegates from all over the Northern Territory with inspiring, interesting and positive stories that were freely shared. It highlighted the amazing and challenging work that is being undertaken by our leaders and people on the ground in the urban, remote and rural areas, in many cases with limited support and resources.

Some key strong messages that were highlighted at the summit included:

  • that our people want to strengthen our leadership and governance and take our roles and responsibilities more seriously;
  • develop and support our younger generation in taking up leadership roles and responsibilities;
  • Aboriginal people and community organisations need to develop a shared vision, become united to collectively address the major issues facing our people and communities alongside governments, industry groups and other key stakeholders;
  • stronger leaders and good governance structures will build the capacity of our organisations and workforce to provide better services and programs which will have a positive and beneficial outcomes for our people on the ground;
  • it is important to respect and listen to the leaders and community representatives as they need to be consulted on any major issues and developments which affect their traditional homelands and people.

The summit clearly identified that our people are committed, passionate and are working hard to make a real difference for their communities and the organisations that they represent and are committed to work together to meet the aspirations of our communities for the future.

The Governance Report outlines the vision of Aboriginal leaders for new ways to empower individuals, organisations and communities, with clear recommendations.

To view the media release, please click here: Strong Aboriginal Governance Media Release, 6 November 2013.

**The governance report has been removed due to images of deceased individuals.