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January 2015

‘Constitutional Recognition – Joint Select Committee’

APO NT welcomed the interim report and the October 2014 progress report of the Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. APO NT acknowledged the recommendations in the interim report and recent progress report and commends the Committee for adopting a number of the suggested recommendations made by APO NT and other organisations. APO NT considered that some of the recommendations did not go far enough to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and would not sufficiently protect them from racially discriminatory laws. APO NT recommended further and ongoing consultation with Aboriginal communities, and with the broader community. 20150224-apo-nt-submission-constitutional-recognition-of-atsi-people-jsc


December 2014

‘Stronger Futures Review’

APO NT’s response to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights. APO NT Submission to the Review on Stronger Futures

September 2014

‘APO NT Submission to the Standing Committee on Community Affairs on the Extent of Income Inequality in Australia’

On 11 September 2014, APO NT’s submission noted the detrimental impact on Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory of current and proposed policies that imposed punitive measures and cuts but failed to support improvements in education, employment and social conditions. APO NT Submission – Income Inequality in Australia

‘Abbott Budget Government Cuts’

On 19 September 2014, APO NT responded to the Federal Government’s 2014 Budget cuts. APO NT Submission to Select Committee on the effect of Abbott Budget Cuts

‘Forrest Review Submission’

On 14 September 2014, APO NT’s responded to the Forrest Review. APO NT Forrest Review Submission

‘Review of Australia’s Welfare Act (McClure Submission)’

On 1 September 2014, APO NT’s submission is in letter format to the Welfare Review. It draws on recommendations from the Social Services Submission made earlier in the year as well as NAAJA’s submission. APO NT Submission – McClure Submission

August 2014

‘Submission to the Northern Territory Government – Response to Six Month Review of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act (NT)’

On 17 August 2014, APO NT put in a joint submission with Darwin Community Legal Service, Central Australian Women’s Legal Service, NAAJA and CAALAS. The recommendations made were specific to particular provisions of the Act. 140811 – Legal Services and APO NT Submission – Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act Review

July 2014

‘Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs. Social Services and other legislation Amendment (2014 Budget Measures No. 1 & No.2)’

On 30 July 2014, APO NT acknowledged that the Government’s proposed changes to the welfare system are intended to reduce Australia’s deficit but rejected the contention that there is a budget emergency and asked the government to consider more equitable ways to address government revenue. APO NT made nine recommendations to the Committee. 20140806 – APO NT Submission – Social Services Bill submission – CTG

June 2014

‘Northern Territory Select Committee on Action to Prevent Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders’

On 10 June 2014, APO NT made 15 recommendations to the NT Select Committee under five headings, background; prevalence; screening; prevention, and; prevalence in the criminal justice system.20140610 – APO NT Submission – Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – FASD – NTG

May 2014

‘Review of the Education Act’

On 2 May 2014, APO NT made recommendations based on the NT Government’s discussion paper. APO NT believes that education is an important social determinant of health and that the creation of an Aboriginal-controlled peak body for education is crucial to developing more effective education policies and practices for Aboriginal students. 20140502 – APO NT Submission – Review of the Education Act – NTG

April 2014

Inquiry into the harmful use of Alcohol in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Submission (CTH)

On 17 April 2014, APO NT made 16 recommendations to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs under the headings of social and economic determinants, FASD and best practices to minimise alcohol misuse and alcohol related harm. 20140417 – APO NT Submission – Into harmful use of alcohol in ATSI communities

March 2014

‘Review of Indigenous Education in the NT’

In response to Bruce Wilson’s initial report on Indigenous education in the NT, APO NT made 24 recommendations to the NT Government on 14 March 2014. These recommendations included that local community members should be engaged in the areas of the school curriculum to ensure that Aboriginal people are closely connected to the school and that school attendance should be addressed through positive rather than negative messaging around parental and community.20140314 – APO NT Submission – Indigenous Education Review

February 2014

‘Review of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act’

On 17 February 2014, APO NT made recommendations in relation to: specific provisions for review by the NT Government; treatment services; programs for alcohol and drug dependant offenders; interpreter services; culturally appropriate services delivery; aftercare plans; and legal representation before the Tribunal. 20140217 – APO NT Submission – Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act Review – NTG

‘Submission on the Northern Territory Government’s New Domestic Violence and Family Violence Strategy’

Family violence is one of the largest issues affecting the NT. It affects not only the victim but it can damage the family and community as well. On 11 February, 2014, APO NT offered 18 recommendations to the NT Government’s New Domestic Violence and Family Violence Strategy. APO NT Submission – Domestic and Family Violence – Northern Territory Government