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2012 – 2011



‘Submission on the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples Draft Education Policy’

Although APO NT does not provide education services, as community controlled service delivery organisations we believe we have valuable insights into the delivery of services in the NT. APO NT offered a number of recommendations to Congress’ draft strategy. 20130312 – APO NT Submission – Congress Draft Education Policy


‘Submission to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs Inquiry into Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’

FASD is one of many alcohol related health issues faced by Aboriginal people in the NT. APO NT believes that the government’s approach to alcohol should be multi-tiered due to the health and social consequences of misuse. In this submission APO NT looked at the need to recognise the impacts of FASD including its implications for the criminal justice system. 111223 – APO NT Submission – Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – FASD


‘Submission from APO NT to the legislative Assembly of the NT Inquiry into Youth Suicide in the NT on Youth Suicide in the Northern Territory.’

The youth suicide rate in the NT is very high and unacceptable. APO NT’s submission discussed factors that can contribute to suicidal behaviours and proposes recommendations to address those factors to reduce the risk of associated suicides amongst young Aboriginal people in the NT. 111008 – APO NT Youth Suicide Submission_Oct 2011

‘Creating and supporting sustainable livelihoods: A proposal for a new remote participation, employment & enterprise development scheme’

APO NT’s response to the Australian Government Review of Remote Participation and Employment Services. APONT Submission to the Review of Remote Participation and Employment Services


‘APO NT Submission to the Expert Panel on the Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians’

APO NT’s submission recommended that substantive, practical changes to Australia’s constitution are necessary and important. 110309-apo-nt-submission-to-expert-panel-constitutional-reform


‘APO NT Response to Stronger Futures’

Summary of APO NT positions on a range of measures in the proposed Stronger Futures package. 111608 – APONT submission to Stronger Futures – Final

JULY 2011

‘Submission on Review of the Northern Territory (NT) Youth Justice System’

As per the statistics at 2008-09, young Aboriginal people made up over 90% of the population in the youth justice system. APO NT understands that current approaches are ineffective and proposed a youth justice system which is youth specialised, community driven and culturally responsive. 110715 – APO NT Submission – Youth Justice Review