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Opening Plenary Session

Welcome & Introduction (James Ward – MC) / Welcome to Country (Amelia Turner)

Prayer: Andrew Tjapaltjarri Spencer (Pintubi Homelands Health Service)

Introduction of speakers (James Ward)

History of AMSANT film

Conference Opening: The Hon. Robyn Lambley MLA, NT Minister for Health

Keynote Address: William Tilmouth, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (delivered by Donna Ah Chee)

Thank you to speakers (Marion Scrymgour) / Introduction of Pintubi Homelands Health Service (John Paterson)

Presentation to AMSANT of painting from Andrew Spencer (Pintubi Homelands Health Service)


Plenary Session 1: Aboriginal community controlled health services now more than ever

Pat Anderson AO (Lowitja Institute): AMSANT’s early years – a personal recollection

Justin Mohamed (NACCHO): National perspective of the Aboriginal community controlled health sector

Dr Mark Wenitong (NACCHO):

Directors of Pintubi Homelands Health Service: History of Pintubi HS from board perspective


Plenary Session 2: Social and emotional wellbeing and trauma at the coalface

Sarah Haythornthwaite and Tanja Hirvonen (AMSANT): The relevance of trauma informed care to Aboriginal primary health care services

Prof. Alex Brown (SAHMRI): Hearts and minds – psychosocial determinants of Indigenous health disparity


Parallel Session 1A: Integrating SEWB / mental health and AOD in Primary Health Care

Sarah Haythornthwaite – Introduction to session / Steve Johns – Introduction to presentation

Kellie-Anne Muller, Chris Wallace & Steve Johns, Congress Remote AOD/SEWB team

Charlie Yibirrir Dhamarrandji, Miwatj Healthy Minds Team

Geoff Lohmeyer (Sunrise Health Service): Improving SEWB by Building Capacity

Michael Lawton & Debra Maidment, Congress Safe and Sober program: Chronic conditions, crisis and chaos in alcohol treatment – separating the chickens from the eggs

Patricia Raymond & Felicity Hay (Danila Dilba): Integrating ESWB and AOD programs within primary health care


Parallel Session 1B: Early Childhood Programs in Primary Health Care

Wayne Clarke, Angela Hampton & Thea Dunkley, Congress Targeted Family Support Service: Working with Aboriginal Children and their Families – A culturally sensitive workforce approach


Parallel Session 1C: CQI: Everybody’s Business: Quality improvement in Aboriginal health

Kerry Copley & Louise Patel (AMSANT): NT CQI Strategy update / Dope Test – CQI tool

Raylene Wing (Sunrise Health Service): Child health anaemia strategy

Yvonne Ginifer (Congress): CQI at Congress


Plenary Session 3: Building a sustainable Aboriginal health workforce in the NT

Erin Lew Fatt & Sharon Wallace (AMSANT): Aboriginal workforce investment in the ACCHO sector

Wendy Ah Chin (NT Dpt of Health): ‘Back on Track’ project

Raelene Beale (CARHDS): Aboriginal Health Practitioner professional development

Monica Barolits-McCabe & Cheryl Davis (Flinders University): NT Medical Program

Ariana Tutuni & Patrick White (Miwatj Health Service)

Graham Dowling: Thank you to speakers


Conference Dinner

Sean Choolbara: stand-up 2 & intro to On the Couch panel

‘On the Couch’ panel discussion: Pat Anderson, Marion Scrymgour, Luke Carroll, Patrick Johnson, James Ward


Plenary Session 4: Rising to the challenge: innovation in the everyday business of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services

Chansey Paech (Central Australian Aboriginal Congress): Innovation in governance

Dr John Boffa (Central Australian Aboriginal Congress): Innovation in programs and service development

Leon Chapman (Pintubi Homelands Health Service)

John Morgan (Miwatj Health Service)

Eddie Mullholland (Miwatj Health Service)

Paddy Stephensen: Thank you to speakers


Plenary Session 5: Developments in clinical care and governance in Aboriginal PHC in the NT

Dr David Scrimgeour (Pintubi Homelands Health Service): ACCHS – effective healthcare delivery

Dr John Boffa (Central Australian Aboriginal Congress): Emerging trends in using data for clinical support

James Stephen, Charmaine Starr & Mike Stephens (Danila Dilba Health Service)

Dr Liz Moore: Thank you to speakers

Mr and Mrs Cuz Congress – “If it’s not on, it’s not on.”


Parallel Session 2A: Health prevention and promotion programs in Primary Health Care

Paul Button, Monica Robinson (Pintubi Homelands Health Service), Mike Carmody (CLC): Sharing stories and building networks – CLC ranger program

Sarah Gallagher (Utju Health Service): Healthy Food Keeping Strong program

Hayden Rickard & Burrkitj Ŋurruwuthun (Miwatj Health Service): More than a Game: Basketball and health promotion

Dr David Thomas (Menzies): The broad mix of tobacco control work by ACCHSs across the NT


Parallel Session 2B: Building Aboriginal leadership for the community

IMPACT program students: Youth leadership

Ash Dargan: The iBobbly app – development and preliminary pilot study findings

Camille Lew Fatt (Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment): Lookrukin and Kigaruk Indigenous leadership programs


Parallel Session 2C: Health research and Aboriginal community control

Introduction (James Ward) / Lowitja Institute video

Pat Anderson (Lowitja Institute)

Prof Alan Cass (Menzies School of Health Research)

Dr Liz Moore (AMSANT): AMSANT and research

Panel discussion: Pat Anderson, Prof Alan Cass, Dr Liz Moore


Plenary Session 6: Whose data is it anyway? Data governance and the community controlled sector

Alaine King (Department of Human Services): Strategies for effective data management in government

Dr Katie Panaretto (QAIHC): QAIHC ACE program – achieving clinical excellence

Panel discussion: Dr James Stephen, Prof Alex Brown, Richard Downs, John Paterson


Parallel Session 3A: Tackling the social determinants of health

Ken O’Brien (AMSANT): Environmental health in the remote community of Ampilatwatja

David Smith (Ampilatwatja Health Service): Environmental health in the remote community of Ampilatwatja

David Cooper (AMSANT): AMSANT’s role in the social determinants of health

Ross Williams (Anyinginyi): Anyinginyi Health Service action on housing

Trevor Saunders (Anyinginyi): Anyinginyi Health Service action on housing


Parallel Session 3B: The challenge of providing dialysis services on country

Sarah Brown (WDNWPT): Western Desert Dialysis

Andrea Mason (NPY Women’s Council)



Parallel Session 3C: Workforce initiatives in Aboriginal Health

Erin Lew Fatt: Welcome and introduction to Working Well resource presentation

Sarah Bock & Dr Natasha Pavlin (NT General Practice Education): ‘Working Well’ resource

Judith Mckay & Pascale Dettwiller (Human Resources Training Advisory Council): Be a change maker – interagency collaboration in the Katherine region

Well Program video

Judith Mckay part 2

Samone Sallik, Nicholas Scrymgour & Saini Kale (Wurli-Wurlinjang): Workforce Support Unit


Closing Plenary Session: Challenges for the way ahead

Marion Scrymgour: Introduction

Panel discussion: Pat Anderson, Donna Ah Chee, John Paterson, Marion Scrymgour

John Paterson (AMSANT): Closing statement and tribute to Pat Anderson

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Walter-Eliza Hall


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